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What's New 6-19-20

Secret City

Although the album directs itself at the failures of people to love and be loved, it also seeks to restore justice and attain blissful union. Its arc crests through the dark towards the light and learns how to dance with the dizzying rhythms of the heart. The songs bubble, sustain, dissolve, expand, retract.

Ocean Alley

Guitarists Mitch Galbraith says of the new album, Its pushing forward into the unknown. An unknown that consists of 70's guitar rock, country and western, old school funk and synth-heavy new wave to create a deeply contemplative and atmospheric odyssey reminiscent of music legends including Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd.

Capitol Records

One of the most important musical influences of the 20th century, Peggy Lee wrote over 200 songs, recorded over 1,100 masters, and had over 100 chart hits throughout her seven-decade career. As a salute to the music legend, and celebrating her landmark 100th birthday, comes a brand new career-spanning collection, Ultimate Peggy Lee.


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