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This R&B collection is birthed from extended late nights at the L.A.s Gold-Diggers studio and celebrates Leons immersive experience of creating music in the same East Hollywood room where he lived, worked and drank over the course of two years. The soulful collaboration between Leon as an artist and the space itself was so encompassing that he chose to name the album after the soon-to-be legendary complex.


Spiral marks the long-awaited return of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington's experimental electronic side-project. "From the beginning, Darkside has been our jam band. When we reconvened, it was because we really couldn't wait to jam together again, says Jaar. Harrington echoes this, It felt like it was time again. We do things in this band that we would never do on our own. Darkside is the third being in the room that just kind of occurs when we make music together."


Lyrically, Sensational aims to dismantle the stereotype of single women looking for love, tackling relationship dramas and the toxicity of dating a chance to rewrite scenarios in ways that empowered de Casier, fantasizing about what could've been. Musically, its as much influenced by Aaliyah and Janet Jackson as house, garage and techno. With hushed, pillow-soft vocals and production that references turn-of-the-millennium sounds, de Casier's sound surveys the past while looking to the future.


The defining blues voice of his generation releases the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to his Grammy-nominated debut, 2019's Kingfish. 662 is a powerful and personal album, a fiery coming-of-age record. The lyrics reflect Ingram's newfound maturity and how your roots inspire where you're heading. The record also delivers a heaping helping of the deep, visceral Ingram guitar magic his fans love, fueling a combustible mix of molten blues rock, down home shuffles and soulful grooves.

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Nearly five decades since his debut LP, Jackson Brownes Downhill From Everywhere sustains the soulful intimacy of his first release, combined with a power and wisdom gained from a life pursuing positive change. Perhaps sensing the inevitable arrival of his mortality, Browne lends parental concern and ultimately hope for a future of which he wont be a part. Im still looking for something, he sings on the opening track. Im way out over my due date.

RC1 Records

Written during the great political, environmental and economic upheaval that has marked recent years, the chaos encouraged Crowell to look inward for solace and answers. The result is Triage, a series of songs that contend with these themes, but approaches them from a place of healing, love and solution. That they are being released while we find ourselves walking through a global pandemic, is a gift of perfect timing.

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Parabellum is the best example yet of guitar/composition virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen's creative spark lighting a raging fire that is surely set to burn brightly for many years to come. What truly makes it remarkable is the undoubted joy radiating through each of the songs here. "The bottom line for me is that the passion I feel for the music I make has to be obvious, Mamlsteen says. I wanted this album to have a joyous, spontaneous atmosphere. I want fans to experience the delight I had in making it."


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