1. Cera Cera
2. Clandoman (feat. FTP)
3. Taroum (de Moundou)
4. Un Jour (feat. FTP)
5. Bazaka (feat. Dj Teguil)
6. Dabadji Am Alcorama
7. Les Feuilles Tremblent (Interlude) (feat. Matibeye Dje Non Pah)
8. Sanga (Audrey)
9. Mbaoundaye
10. Kewolea
11. Nguendam

More Info:

In May 2018, Nickodemus accepted an invitation from Hape Collective to travel to N'Djamena to teach a group of young adults DJ'ing and electronic music production, which resulted in the encounter between a group of talented artists from Cameroon, Chad, Congo and Togo. After a weeklong series of listening to original songs & demos, the recordings continued in a pop-up studio created by DJ Buosis & Nickodemus which culminated in Desert To Douala, an album featuring 11 songs, all originally written and recorded in N’Djamena. Recorded & mixed by Dj Buosis & Nickodemus.